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what we offer

Is your business missing out on an online presence and basic visibility? Not utilising the rapid and highly advanced technology and Social Media that exists today? Not growing rapidly enough? Not reaching desired target markets successfully?


Having us as your Digital Marketing manager is the easiest way to create and maintain an online presence. Our approach will drive customers to your business and consequently increase the overall profitability and growth of your business.

Our job is to try to take Digital Marketing off your hands completely! However, we also advise that very strong communication with the client remains – we should work towards the goals of the business, together!

We can take care of:

  • Managing your business’ Social Media world – Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

  • Utilising Electronic Direct Marketing methods.

  • Editing copy.

  • Maximising the effectiveness of existing Social Media accounts and connections, and implementing and advising ways to further improve existing Social Media assets and connections.

  • Reviewing the external image of the company – the first impressions gained from the business website/s and Social Media assets, and change if necessary.

  • Increasing the target markets of your business, by increasing your business’ online marketing reach.

  • Optimising opportunities for growth and consumer awareness, by attracting new clients/customers.

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